When does the price increase take effect?

Our Beat The Price Increase! promotion ends on July 10, 2016. All orders processed July 11 2016 or later will be subject to the new rates. This is an exclusive, limited-time offer that will expire on July 10, 2016. If you renew now, you lock in the lowest available rate for TV Weekly, plus you get a 4-week bonus absolutely free!

What are the new rates?

As before, TV Weekly subscription rates will vary based on your delivery method and region. Renewing before July 11, 2016 ensures that your savings will be considerable!

Why are you increasing rates?

TV Weekly works hard to offer the ultimate guide to what’s on TV at affordable prices to our valued subscribers. We’ve held out as long as possible against increasing subscription rates, but the fact of the matter is that costs have increased. We understand that rate increases can be frustrating, so we’re excited to offer a 4-week bonus for all subscribers renewing their subscription before the rate increase takes effect as of July 11, 2016.

When does my existing subscription expire?

To view your current expiration date, click HERE and enter your subscription ID, email address, or zip code to continue. You can also give us a call at 888-584-6688, and one of our Subscriber Service Specialists will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding your subscription. And don’t worry--if you renew now, we simply add on to the term of your existing subscription.

Will this early renewal take effect once my current subscription expires?

YES! Any renewal to an existing TV Weekly subscription tacks onto the end of that subscription; if you have 14 weeks remaining, and you then renew for 52 weeks, you will have 68 weeks remaining. If you see two subscriptions in your record, please contact us at 888-584-6688 so that we can merge the duplicate subscriptions.

Where’s my 4-week bonus?

Every beat-the-price increase renewal qualifies for a 4-week bonus added to the end of your existing subscription! The bonus will be processed separately from your renewal order, so don’t worry if you don’t see your additional 4 weeks right away. You won’t be charged separately for the bonus—it is absolutely free, our gift to you for renewing your subscription to lock in the lowest available rate. You’ll get an email or a phone call from us confirming your bonus within 6 business days of your order.

Are you introducing any new features along with the rate increase?

In the last year, we’ve added A-Z movie listings, a new Sports Zone, and Cheers & Jeers, Ask Matt, and other great features. After the price increase takes effect, you’ll continue to receive the same great articles, listings, puzzles, and insider info that we’ve always provided our valued subscribers. We are always working to improve TV Weekly’s features, so if you have any suggestions, please contact us at 888-584-6688 or visit us at www.tvweeklyhelp.com.

Why is it taking so long to process my payment?

We typically allow 3-4 weeks for mailed-in payments to be processed. However, our Beat the Price Increase! promotion has been so popular that we are currently running at about 5-6 weeks to process mailed-in payments. If your subscription is about to expire, please contact us to request a courtesy credit of up to 4 weeks so that you do not experience a service interruption. This extended processing period does not apply to our standard renewal notices, which are still running at 3-4 weeks to process.

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